SAG Member since 1996

John Gilbert is a professional stuntman out of Wilmington, North Carolina. He earned the opportunity to do his first job at age 11, under his uncle John Copeman, who is also a professional stuntman and stunt coordinator. As a kid, John trained with his uncle who was climbing the ranks as a stuntman himself. “New equipment, new ideas, anything he would learn and want to try, I’d always be apart of. He’d take me on film sets and show me around, let me meet people. It’s been a lot of fun.”  John has had the opportunity to work on films, tv shows, and commercials in various places across the country, including the opportunity of working with many stunt performers and coordinators. With this, has been the opportunity to perform a wide range of stunts along the way.

Excerpt from the book, “Cinematic Wilmington: Making Movies on the Cape Fear Coast” published in 2000…

“In his mid 30s, Copeman is getting a kick out of watching his nephew, John Gilbert, develop in stunt work. Gilbert is now in his teens and a ‘real heads up kid, really sharp. He’s a good athlete, does things on a trampoline I couldn’t think of when I was his age, with no formal training. He just has a good natural kinesthetic sense.’ A Step Toward Tomorrow, a story about injury and rehabilitation, gave John Gilbert a chance to show his skills. He doubled both lead actors who were in their teens.”